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Annoyeong Chingu!

A BiiiiG thank you for visiting KdropCart !

What is KdropCart?

KdropCart is an India based online platform for K-drama and K-pop custom design merch (YES we are Made in India).

You can explore all kind of custom merch on KdropCart such as – T-shirts, Hoodies, Sweatshirts, Posters, Mugs, Masks and a variety of range. All the designs are specially made for true Kdroppers who know how to show their K-luv.

As a Kdropper I know you are well-updated with the viral trend of the K-fandom. So at KdropCart our designs are often inspired from these trends so you will find a variety of collection to buy from such as – Meme collection, Spring Collection, BT21 collection and many many mini moni more …

You know the best part?

You can even order a personally customized product where you can tell us what kind of design you want on your product.

Yes you can share your vision and ideas with KdropCart and we will create a special design accordingly for you ! (Is it exciting?)

And on KdropCart we bring all special deals and discount offers from major marketplaces & shopping sites so you can catch them up before they end.

These offers and deals are for original K-pop and K-drama merchandise like – DVDs, Official clothing etc.

Story behind KdropCart

Who i am?

I am a Kdropper like you, and this term I coined from (K-drama & k-pop lover (Drop – Drama + Pop). 

Does it sound silly to you?).

However I am a Freelancer, Content Creator and a University student (Ufff!).

 I started KdropCart out of my passion for trendy designs for other K-drama and K-pop fans in India.

As an Indian K-fan our biggest challenge is to find K-merch on affordable prices (especially when you are a student).

And here affordable I mean in INR and also it’s better if we can get this from Indian shops.

If we buy these custom merchandise from big marketplace they are either out of budget or we don’t have much creative choices.

I know it’s a big challenge for fans because there are not enough online platforms for the broke fandom like us.



But on KdropCart K-drama & K-pop fans in India and around the world can get cool and trendy designer merch on reasonable prices.

I enjoy to make these designs and always try my best to bring the most unique and creative designer K-merch for you.

 So explore our catalogue or read our other stories on Blog, whatever you wanna go with !

How I got in K-world?

Okay, so my Journey in K-dramaland and K-pop world isn’t that long.

I started it back in 2019.

In February 2019 I started watching K-dramas after loving few YouTube Hindi Song mix videos.

Thereafter I entered the K-pop world through BTS (wait! Don’t ask me who my BIAS is?)

And from there I am following K-dramas and K-pop music videos regularly (while feeling like a panda).

But start from the beginning I wanted to do something in this field and share my K-luv with other K-pop & K-drama lovers through a platform.

Hence here we are with KdropCart !

I hope you love my designs and the service of KdropCart !

Happy shopping !

Borrrrrahae !!!

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