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"Story and Blog Giveaway Contest"

Write about Kpop/Kdrama and win Freebies


  • Check our social media posts of Giveaway contest for all the Rules, Terms and Schedule.
  • Then choose your topic of writing from below list.
  • You can write more than one post if you want to (on different topics)
  • Fill the form below and submit it !
  • If there are enough entries for same topic, we may reject some of them.
  • We may extend contest period.
  • Add a FAQ section (frequently asked question) in your story/blog (at least 2 FAQ)
  • Try to give few heading in your content but its not necessary if your writing doesn’t need it.
  • If there is something missing we shall edit your content and show you before publishing. 


  1. Best outfits/styles of any group/idol that every fangirl/fanboy should try.
  2. Best outfit/style of Kdrama lead characters every fan should try.
  3. Best kpop fashion icons male/female.
  4. How to look/style like …(any famous kpop idol in India)
  5. Your list of favourite K-dramas that you loved the most, something interesting about them.
  6. What to keep in mind before buying merchandise?
  7. Your Favourite K-pop group and anything interesting, cool, fun about them.
  8. Your favourite kpop group/BIAS fashion and style guides.
  9. How to buy kpop/K-drama merch in India? (you can mention any verified website, mentioning us is not necessary)
  10. Your story getting into K-drama (divide in headings).
  11. Your story getting into Kpop as an Indian (divide in headings).
  12. K-drama fashion and style  guide (from Indian prospect).
  13. Most fashionable kpop Idols and their style guide.
  14. Most fashionable K-drama actors/actresses and their style guide.
  15. Where to buy kpop/kdrama like clothes on affordable price India? (list of verified site/apps)
  16. K-drama like style to try in everyday life.
  17. Must watch K-drama list from a particular category (like – main lead with sports background, rich female lead etc.)
  18. Best websites/stores to buy official kpop/kdrama merch with Indian shipping available.
  19. Kdrama female lead characters with best fashion and style.
  20. Your favourite K-drama actor/actress and their best Kdramas, where to watch?
  21. Life of Indian Kdrama addict. 
  22. Korean fashion and style  guide.
  23. How to recreate Kpop fashion and style outfits without going broke?
  24. Your favourite and Best K-drama moments.
  25. Korean fashion trends list.

Fill this form and submit!

Once we get your entry we shall contact you as soon as possible ! And if you are selected you can start writing right away 🙂 Fightting!!

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